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Tutankhamun was…

A.   an Egyptian pharaoh.

B.   the great hero of the Trojan War.

C.   a french officer.

His name means…

A.   “he is gracious”.

B.   “living Image of Amun”.

C.   "crown"


A.   average body, and was roughly 198 cm.

B.   thick, and was roughly 166 cm.

C.   slight of build, and was roughly 180 cm.

He ascended to the throne…

A.   in 1333BC.

B.   in 1369 BC.

C.   in 1421 BC.

He build…

A.   an ice palace.

B.   a temple to Amun.

C.   egyptiancircus.

After his death Tutankhamun was…

A.   buried in a tomb.

B.   burned.

C.   drowned in the sea.


1.      A

2.      B

3.      C

4.      A

5.      B

6.      A

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