“The Snow Queen” – is a story about the Snow Queen, Gerda, and her friend Kay, who has a piece of glass in his eye that makes him love the Snow Queen, forget the grandmother, his home and Gerda. The main characters are the Snow Queen, Gerda, Kay, raven, princess, robber’s daughter and reindeer.

Kay went to Finland with the Snow Queen, and Gerda tries to find him. She meets the raven, princes, robbers on the way, they all help her. Robber’s daughter gives her reindeer, who takes her to Noth Finland where the Snow Queen’s palace was situated. Gerda meets Kay, the piece of glass falls out ofhis eyes, and then they return to their home.

I like this book because it’s about real friendship and very interesting. I recommended this book to people who like to read tales about friendship.

Words (слова):

sledge – сани

stick-  палка

to wore – носить

to sank – затонуть

river bank – берегреки

shoulders – плечи

silly – глупый

naughty – непослушный

snowflake – снежинка

imp – чертенок

comb– гребень (расческа)

bare– голый

wing– крыло

stair - ступенька

staircase– лестница

kind– добрый

carriage– карета

robber– разбойник

pile – куча

reindeer– северный олень

pigeon– голубь

whispering– шептание

jigsawpuzzle – головоломка пазл

hay – сено

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