Mineral (минерал) - any inorganic material

Creamy (сливочный) - containing cream.
Salad dressing (заправка для салата) - any substance, used to flavor a salad.
Vinegar (уксус) - a sour liquid formed by the fermentation of alcohol.
Olive oil (оливковое масло) - oil, pressed from olives.
Fat-free (обезжиренный) - not containing fat.
Low-fat (маложирный) - not having a high number of calories from fat.
Label (этикетка) - a small ticket or sign giving information about something.
Flavour (вкус) - the quality produced by the sensation of taste.
Benefit (выгода) - an advantage from something.
Lower (ниже) - more low.
Cholesterol (холестерин) - a sterol lipid synthesized by the liver.
Source (источник) - the person, place or thing from which something comes.
Iron (железо) - metal, often black in color, is used in making steel.
Protein (белок) - one of three major classes of food.
Lean (худой) - having little fat.

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