I just arrived in Haiti and I can’t believe my feelings. Many people have lost their lives. I can hearthe screams andcries ofthe people. The earthquake has destroyed most of buildings. I smell smoke. Some buildings still on fire.

I consider myself to be a responsible camper.

Survival Rules for mountain camping

Lera: Hi, Veronika, it’s Lera.

Veronika: Hi, Lera! Are You having a nice time in Your grandmother’s house?

Dear Deniza,
Greetings from London.
I'm now near the Big Ben.
The weather is rainy and cold.
I'm wearing a jaket, sweater and trousers.
I'm working on the street.
See You soon.
Lots of love.

“The Princess Diaries” – is a story about Mia Thermopolis, a girl who lives in usual house with her mother and cat Fat Louie. One day she knows that her father is prince of Genovia, and he can’t have children any more, so Mia become a princess too. This is changes her life absolutely. The main characters are Mia, her mom, dad and grandmere (grandmother), her friend Lilly, Lily’s clever brother Michael and gorgeous boy Josh Richer.

Sally: Oh, hi, John! How was your weekend?

You have to visit Sydney, because it has a lot of interesting places, such as: huge market, large zoo, cosy restaurant, tall skyscrapers.
The second reason is that there’re many attractions, such as: wide harbor, peaceful gardens and traditional houses.
Sydney is famous by it’s Opera House and beaches.
Sydney ranks first in Australia by the cost of living.
Sydney is one of the most multicultural and multinational cities in the world, because of thousands immigrants arriving in Australia.

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was stolen In Monday morning of 1911 from the Louvre museum. The huge international search was beginning on the next day only. An Italian man called Vencenzo Perrugia stole the painting, while the guard was away, and hid it in his flat in a cupboard. The police caught him in Italy over two years, where he attempted to sell Mona Lisa.

Maxim Gorky (Alexey Peshkov) was one of the most famous female writers in Russia and USSR. He was born on 28th March 1868 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

In Scotland there’s legend that Scottish loch contain a large monster. It is called the Loch Ness monster. It looks like a huge sea snake with a small head and a thin neck. It was first discovered by Roman soldiers. Many people saw it at night and found it’s traces on the lake side after that. But no one can catch him or even make its clear photo.